Award of exceptional caves of the province of Namur

The Club Radio Durnal members propose you a magnificent award about exceptional caves in the province of Namur. They are eager to promote this extraordinary natural heritage of their province.

Therefore, they will activate during the next weeks 5 caves of exception. You can acquire this magnificent award by contacting ON4CRD/p, three times only whatever the mode used (SSW and/or CW). Due to the poor propagation, we will start each of our activation first on the 80m band followed by the 40 & the 20m band.

Each award will get a unique serial number, the first number will be dedicated to the stations who had contacted us the most often.

The price of the award is 10, - €uro.
The Club Radio Durnal will be active on Sundays, 2 - 9 - 16 - April 23rd and 30th, 2017.
Forward your award request to
Payment through bank wire to CLUB RADIOAMATEUR DURNAL
IBAN: BE61 0688 9398 9817
Communication: AWARD + CALL